You can now use a virtual whiteboard when conducting interviews in CodeInterview.

Whiteboard Mode allows you and candidates to visualize your thought process using shapes, lines, arrows and freeform drawing.

The goal is to take you one step closer to the experience of a live on-site technical interview.

You might have already seen the little Pen icon in your CodeInterview control panel. Just click it to toggle Whiteboard Mode on while you're interviewing a candidate. It's then easy to switch back to IDE mode by clicking anywhere on the screen outside the virtual whiteboard.

Whiteboard Mode comes with all the tools you'd expect and it's super easy to use. This means your candidates will be up and running without any prior experience, making every interview a breeze.

Here are just some of the things we love about Whiteboard Mode:

  • Easily copy/paste and align elements

  • 30+ intuitive keyboard shortcuts

  • Plus, it's real pretty!

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