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How do I create a template for interviews
How do I create a template for interviews

Quickly clone all questions instead of adding questions and code each time

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It is common to have a same set of questions to be used for multiple interviews (usually for same job post). To do this, you need to create an interview template.

Create New Interview

Head over to Interviews and create a new interview. This will be a template interview that will hold all the questions and code to be used later.

Add Questions and Code Snippets

Write all your tasks that you will be re-using later. You may want to add starter code with each task. Here is an example with two tasks:

That's it, you have successfully created a template interview! But how to use it for an actual interview.

Creating a Real Interview using Template

When you are want to create an actual interview for one of the candidates. First create a new interview:

After this, click the + (plus) on top and select Add From Library option.

This will open the Questions Library.

  1. Select Recent from sidebar.

  2. Select the template you created earlier.

  3. Click Add All Tasks.

  4. Check the "Also copy last written code...".

  5. Click Proceed.

That's it! You have successfully imported all your questions to a new interview. Now you may invite your candidate and start the interview.

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